California is known for it’s great weather, celebrity spotting and amazing beaches — one of them being Malibu Beach (surf’s up!). During my trip there with my family, we set our way to the coast to see what it’s all about and boy it did not disappoint! We arrived around mid-day and managed to find a more quiet area. We spent the rest of the day enjoying the sunshine, the calm waves washing ashore and the stunning view of the mountains. img_0711

The waves weren’t strong so I was able to get a nice swim in (although it was more like I was bobbing up and down along with the waves). img_0586-1

The way the clouds just gently touched the tops of the mountains made the scenery that much more serene. Everyone was relaxed and enjoying the moment — quite a difference from the fast pace life at Montreal. Definitely a beautiful beach that I would recommend to anyone making a visit to California!img_0589img_0594Stay tuned for future posts on California! 🙂


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